Fourth Shift Requisitions

A Refreshingly Simple Requisition And Approval Solution for Fourth Shift.


Making sure your employees can buy the items they need to do their jobs – while controlling spend and getting the most for your hard-earned dollars – is a challenge faced by many businesses.

Purchasing departments work hard to negotiate competitive rates and discounts, and executives and managers alike work hard to ensure that budgets and projections are accurate.

To get the most out of these efforts, every purchase should be reviewed by everyone affected. After all, managers need to track budgets and purchasing needs to make sure the proper vendors and terms are being leveraged.

And that’s where Fourth Gear Requisitions comes into play.

Fourth Gear Requisitions helps companies running Fourth Shift implement simple yet sophisticated purchase order requisition and approval processes to ensure that the right purchases are made from the right vendors, while helping to minimize surprise spend and potential budgeting issues.

Simplify Your Purchasing Process

With Fourth Gear Requisitions, you can ditch the paper forms and fully embrace a paperless purchasing process.

Not only does Fourth Gear Requisitions make it easy for your employees to request purchases from the comfort of their desks or workstations, but all requisition approvals, changes, and rejections are fully electronic, as well. And there’s no need to “check a system” for new requisitions or approvals. Fourth Gear Requisitions can be configured to send emails when new approvals are needed or when a requisition’s status changes.

And if that weren’t enough, Fourth Gear Requisitions even integrates directly with Fourth Shift. With this innovative integration, your employees will instantly be able to select from any of the vendor items you have configured in your Fourth Shift ERP. Plus, your purchasers can also use this integration to turn requisitions into purchase orders with just a single click.


Put Purchasing Back In Control

Purchasing departments work hard to negotiate the best prices with the best vendors for a business.

But without the proper processes in place, the business benefits those efforts can provide can easily fall to the wayside.

With Fourth Gear Requisitions, you can help put your purchasing department back in control of the purchasing process, to make sure that you aren’t losing money on your everyday and project purchases.

That’s because Fourth Gear Requisitions makes it easy to route all of your business’s purchasing requests through a simple, easy to use web-based application that enables your purchasing department to see and approve every request being made.

Get Better Purchasing Visibility With Multi-Level Approvals

When it comes to purchases, it’s not just the purchasing department that’s affected – it’s also the managers with budgets that those purchases come out of.

Giving managers an opportunity to review purchase requests that could potentially impact their budgets can help you stay in front of budget overages, as well as help you uncover potential mistakes before they become real problems.

Fourth Gear Requisitions helps you and your managers have more insight and control over your purchasing and budget enforcement efforts with configurable built-in multi-level purchasing approvals. With this simple but powerful feature, you can create approval rules that best fit your workflow, ensuring that everyone who needs to have a say about a purchase is brought into the loop.

Approvals can be “chained”, so that purchases made by employees are approved first by their direct manager, and then routed for approval to that manager’s supervisor. You can even create separate rules based on the dollar amounts of the purchases being requested, so that directors can be involved in major purchasing requests without being weighed down by smaller requests.


Directly Integrates With Fourth Shift

Fourth Gear Requisitions is virtually plug-and-play with Fourth Shift, making it easy to get up and running.

Once installed and configured, your employees will be able to select and request purchases for any of the approved vendor items you’ve defined in Fourth Shift. And Fourth Gear Requisitions automatically synchronizes with your Fourth Shift system, so as new items become available, or existing items are changed, your employees will always be working with up-to-date data.

And Fourth Gear Requisitions doesn’t stop there. When a purchase order request has been fully approved, Fourth Gear Requisitions even automatically creates and cuts purchase orders in Fourth Shift, streamlining your purchase processes and eliminating manual order entry.

This creates a seamless experience that reduces the time and effort required to properly manage purchase order requests for your organization.

Approve, Request Changes, Or Reject With Ease

At the heart of Fourth Gear Requisitions is a powerful event-driven approval process and workflow that keeps everyone in the loop.

Fourth Gear Requisitions makes it easy to keep approvers in the loop and approvals happening smoothly with automatic email notifications.

When a new approval is required, the person needing to approve it automatically gets an email in their inbox that lets them approve or deny the request with the click of a button. And if there’s ever a need to request a change to a purchasing request (such as to request that a different item or vendor be used), they can do that, too.

Point. Click. Approve. It’s really that easy.


Take Your Purchase Order Requisitions And Approvals To The Next Level

Schedule a demo today to see how Fourth Gear Requisitions can help you simplify and get more control over your company’s purchasing process.