Fourth Shift Transaction Manager

Create Fourth Shift Transactions and Intelligent Integrations With Ease.


In today’s world, being able to integrate your company’s IT systems and applications with your ERP is more important than ever.

Not only can you automate time-consuming tasks and processes, but you can also create intelligent integrations that enable workflows that you never thought possible before.

Unfortunately, most Fourth Shift customers simply aren’t able to create the Fourth Shift integrations that they need – at least without substantial cost and effort.

That’s because the way that Fourth Shift allows companies to integrate with their platform – via the Fourth Shift Transaction Interface (FSTI) – requires custom code to be written using the .NET framework.

For those companies wanting to create Fourth Shift integrations, hiring a developer familiar with Fourth Shift has typically been the only way to achieve that. And because developers tend to be expensive, most companies simply haven’t been able to justify the cost of doing so.

And that’s why we built Fourth Gear Transaction Manager: To make it easier and more cost-effective for organizations and IT departments alike to integrate with Fourth Shift.

Lightweight Database Integration—Without Needing To Write .NET Code

With Fourth Gear Transaction Manager, you don’t need to know how to write complex .NET code to create Fourth Shift transactions: If you can write a SQL statement, you can create a Fourth Shift integration.

This flexible approach lets just about anyone create any of the 730 ERP transactions supported by Fourth Shift, including:

  • COMT Transactions for Customer Order Management
  • INVA Transactions for Inventory Management
  • MOMT Transactions for Manufacturing Order Management
  • PICK Transactions for Picks and Pick Lists
  • PORV Transactions for Purchase Order Receiving
  • SHIP Transactions for Creating and Managing Shipments
  • And More!

With Fourth Gear Transaction Manager, it’s easy. You can integrate your existing applications with Fourth Shift simply by inserting database records into Fourth Gear Transaction Manager. You can even create and schedule SQL Server Agent jobs to perform background automations.

And because all you need to create a Fourth Shift transaction is to be able to write to a SQL Server database table, you can use literally any programming language or platform that supports SQL Server to create Fourth Shift integrations.


Easily Review and Manage Your Transactions

Fourth Gear Transaction Manager is a full Fourth Shift transaction management system that even includes a web-based administrative console. With it, you can review and manage all of your Fourth Shift integrations and transactions in one single place.

You’ll easily be able to see which systems submitted which transactions, as well as the status of all of your transactions.

And in the event that a transaction couldn’t post because of a Fourth Shift business rule, you’ll be able to view, correct, and resubmit that transaction – all through a user friendly web interface.

Robust Transaction Queuing and Automatic Retry Logic

Anyone who’s tried to build a Fourth Shift integration using the standard FSTI library will know how important (and difficult) it is to handle Fourth Shift errors to make sure that transactions don’t get lost.

These errors can come from Fourth Shift or the network being down, from a user sitting on a screen that’s locking a record you’re trying to update, or even from a temporary transaction validation failure.

That’s why Fourth Gear Transaction Manager was built from the ground-up to use a sophisticated queuing mechanism with built-in retry logic.

You don’t have to worry about how to handle failed Fourth Shift transactions: It’s handled for you.

Fourth Gear Transaction Manager automatically tries to resubmit any failed transaction in the background – up to 50 times – before flagging it as “failed”. You won’t have to be stuck watching error logs or database tables for errors that could be corrected by themselves. You can even receive email notifications from Fourth Gear Transaction Manager in the event of a failed transaction if you want.

With Fourth Gear Transaction Manager, you truly can put your Fourth Shift integrations on autopilot.


Intelligent Transaction Group Processing

Because we’ve built integrations with Fourth Shift for years, we understand the shortcomings the standard offering has.

Perhaps one of the biggest of these is how multiple transactions for a single “transaction” are handled. A good example of this is creating a customer order. Although creating a customer order may seem like one transaction, under the hood, it’s actually multiple, requiring separate transactions for each line on the order.

Unfortunately, Fourth Shift doesn’t have a way to “know” that all of those individual transactions actually make up a larger customer order transaction, and entire lines to an order can otherwise get lost or processed out of order.

Fourth Gear Transaction Manager has an intelligent transaction group processing feature that’s built specifically to help with this shortcoming, enabling you to treat multiple transactions as “one” transaction – the way that they should be treated.

Trusted By Dozens of Fourth Shift Customers

Fourth Gear Transaction Manager is a reliable, proven integration platform for Fourth Shift trusted by dozens of Fourth Shift customers in numerous industries for everything from EDI, order entry, shipping, receiving, inventory, and even demand fulfillment.

Our customers have found many creative and innovative ways to better integrate and automate their businesses with their Fourth Shift system using Fourth Gear Transaction Manager.

Imagine what could be possible for yours.


Experience Seamless Fourth Shift Integration and Automation

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