How To Maximize Fourth Shift EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a fantastic tool that helps streamline the data flow between vendors and eliminates the need for mail, faxes, e-mails, or even manual data entry by providing a computer-to-computer data transfer for Purchase Orders, Shipment Notifications, […]

When’s the Right Time to Leave Fourth Shift?

Better is Possible

With the release of Fourth Shift version 8, Infor hasn’t exactly been shy about the fact that it will be the last full Fourth Shift product release that will be made available to the public.  Infor has been doubling down […]

Barcoding with Fourth Shift

A lot of our clients that use the Fourth Shift ERP want to utilize more modern technology such as scanners and tablets to manage their inventory as it moves into, out of, and throughout the floor.  They want bar-coded labels […]

Are you getting the information you need from your ERP?

ERPs are fantastic in that they help with your business’s efficiency, forecasting, cost savings, productivity, and in most cases reporting.  However, in our experience in working with many customers that utilize an ERP, they often ask us where they can […]

Feel you need to change ERPs? Think again!

Have you ever wondered why ERPs have to be so hard to work with – especially when they’re supposed to make manufacturing “better”? The truth is that no two manufacturers do things the same way – but almost all ERPs […]