Feel you need to change ERPs? Think again!

Have you ever wondered why ERPs have to be so hard to work with – especially when they’re supposed to make manufacturing “better”?
The truth is that no two manufacturers do things the same way – but almost all ERPs want you to do things their way. Modern manufacturing has become more complex and customized in recent years, but the majority of ERPs just haven’t kept up.

A lot of the clients we work with tend to think that they’re “stuck” with their ERP and that they just can’t do the things they want to do without moving to a new system. In fact, most of them are honestly surprised when we tell them how they can use their existing ERPs to do those very things.

Our team helps manufacturing companies extend their existing ERPs to support more complex and custom processes common in today’s manufacturing environment. Our clients tend to see impressive gains in productivity and efficiency coupled with meaningful cost reductions.

So don’t jump ship just yet! Before you embark on an expensive quest to find that ERP that you feel with answer all of your prayers, call us at 216-386-1407 or drop us a line at sam@fourthgear.co to see how we can get the most out of your current ERP and get it doing what you need it to do most.